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Tips From The Domestic Goddess – Cleaning Stains from Carpets, Tip 2

How to Deal With the Tough Stuff – Stains

Some substances are more difficult than others but Brenton Carpet Care would like to offer some ideas for dealing with the most common ones. Please keep in mind some people will have other ways to deal with these spills – some work and some don’t.

Before trying any remedy, check the manufacturer’s instructions for the carpeting and do a patch test on an inconspicuous spot. If you are uncomfortable attempting a remedy, consult a professional carpet cleaner before doing anything.

If you are in any doubt and don’t want to take the chance of damaging your carpet, then call Brenton Carpet Care of Nottingham on  0115 9193836 NOW!

Some spills can be successfully treated with certain solutions. Mix up small amounts of these solutions whenever you need them:

• Mix dish washing liquid and water (1 tsp detergent to ½ pint or 0.3 of a Liter of water) for a detergent solution.
• Mix water and ammonia (1 cup water to 1 tsp household ammonia) for an ammonia solution.
• Mix water and white vinegar (4 parts water to 1 part white vinegar) for a vinegar solution.
• Add 1 tsp white vinegar to the detergent solution for a detergent vinegar solution, put in spray bottle.

Fats, oil, ointment, shoe polish and tar – put a small amount of surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) on a soft cloth and dab the stain, followed by dabbing on clean warm water, then blot dry.

Blood, egg, soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate and milk – with paper towels or a cloth, blot up as much as you can, then dab on the detergent solution. With a clean cloth blot dry, dab on the ammonia solution, rinse with the vinegar solution in a spray bottle, then blot up as much as possible. Put an absorbent cloth or a layer of 8 paper towels on the dampened area, put something heavy like a brick on top of the towels. Leave overnight. If the stain isn’t gone, repeat the procedure.

Unknown Substances – Surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) can be used when you don’t know what caused the stain. Blot up as much as possible, put a small amount of surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) on a soft cloth and dab the stain, then dab with clean warm water and blot dry.

Vomit – pick up as much as possible, sponge cold water over area. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the spot and leave to dry. Once dry, carefully vacuum.

Glue and chewing gum – try dabbing with warm soapy water first. If that doesn’t get is all up, rub the offending area with an ice cube to make the glue or gum hard and brittle. If there is quite a lot of glue or gum, hold the ice cube on top of it until it goes hard, then scrape off with a blunt knife. If all that fails, you may need to get a proprietary “sticky stuff” remover from Amazon or other online site.

Crayons and candle wax – with a blunt knife, scrape off as much as possible, then put some brown paper or several layers of paper towels over the wax/crayon and press the paper/paper towels with a warm iron. Move the paper around so you have fresh areas that can absorb the wax/crayon. You can also use the ice cube method on the wax, see above – glue and chewing gum.

Even though we can’t guarantee that every stain will be completely removed using these methods, by attending to the potential stain as quickly as possible, you or the professionals at Brenton Carpet Care – Nottingham, stand a very good chance of success.

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