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The Facts about Floors and Carpets

Nottingham Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have a lot of myths surrounding them. We’re told that carpets are cleaner, carpets are dirtier and carpets can house more dust. That is true, but it is no more true than the dirt that can live on a bare floor without the right cleaning. Here are just a few facts about your home care that might make you go .. “ewww”

The Norovirus, the same virus that causes stomach flu can live on your carpet or even a bare floor for more than a month.

The hoover is always in order. Scientists say that more than 43 million tons of dust fall every day. Carpets are a great housing agent for dust. Your carpet can hold several pounds of dust.The only real difference is that you see it on the floor and may miss it on the carpet.

The five second rule is wrong. Bacteria of many kinds can live on the floor or the carpet for more than a month. Germs such as salmonella can get onto your food no matter how long it is on the floor.

People shed skin prolifically. A family of four can shed as much as 1.5 million flakes of skin and it will be caught in the carpet or on the floors.

Cleaning your carpet regularly is very important. Not only professional carpet cleaning but just a really good vacuuming is going to be imperative to keeping your carpet in great shape and keep your family healthier.

A cleaner house is a healthier home. In Nottingham, carpet cleaning is easy to find. Brenton Carpet Care offers quality green carpet cleaning for cost effective pricing.

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