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Sofa Settee Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery (including sofa & settee) Cleaning Service

Over the years upholstered dining chairs, sofas, settees, foot stools, etc. can get really dirty. Kids and pets can make this situation even worse and quicker than you can imagine. And, after a really great party, you may also need to call in the professionals to give your upholstered furniture a very necessary new lease on life.

Spills can happen to anyone, anywhere, but it’s the stains that tell the tale. Having done upholstery cleaning in the Nottingham area for the last 20+ years, and while no one can guarantee to make well used, dirty upholstered furniture look like new again, Brenton’s staff have the experience and knowledge to get out most (if not all) ground-in, set-in stains.

The pros at Brenton Carpet Care offer upholstery cleaning at a cost that also won’t break the bank. They use their Hot Water Extraction cleaning method to bring the life back to the furniture you thought could never look good again.

Call them for a free quotation and discussion of what they can do to clean, protect and deodorize your furniture and get it ready for the next party or family/holiday get-together.

You’ll be very glad you did.