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Office Chair Cleaning Service

Office Chair Cleaning Service – Nottingham Area

Office chairs and other upholstered office furniture needs the same attention as the carpeting. Daily use and the occasional accidental spill can significantly change the impression your office furniture makes from good to yuk!

The furniture in your reception area and even those in the areas in which your staff work need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the ambiance for your customers (and staff’s) comfort. No one likes to sit on a filthy chair or sofa while waiting to see Mr/Ms So&So.

Yes, your janitorial staff can remove daily dust and dirt but there is something special about having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned – you can quickly tell when furniture is deep-down clean. It smells better and you know right away that it is wholesome and hygienic.

Brenton Carpet Care has the experience to bring life back to that well-used furniture, brighten your reception area and let your staff know that they are worth the time, cost and trouble to keep them happy in a professionally clean environment.

Get ahead of the competition or simply make it known that you really care. Bring in the professionals from Brenton Carpet Care for your carpets, furniture and curtains.