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Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

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People who require carpet cleaning in Nottingham each have very different needs when having their carpets and rugs cleaned. There may have been an accidental spill, pet accidents and odours, allergens needing to be removed or they just want their tired carpeting revived.

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Regardless of the owner’s reasons, having carpeting cleaned annually actually carries a number of health benefits besides getting the dirt out or dealing with ordinary wear and tear.

Using the most advanced cleaning machines and the hot water extraction or dry fusion systems means dirt, bacteria, stains, allergens, mould spores, pet hair and odours will be removed from your carpeting, rugs, furniture and/or curtains.

Our cleaning systems also disinfect and deodorize carpet fibres as well as preserve their colour and texture.

The use of the Dry Fusion method means carpets take around an hour to dry, reducing any lingering damp in the room and eliminating the formation of mould spores. It’s safe for children and pets and they don’t have to wait for all of the carpet fibres to be completely dry before walking on it.

We can deal with domestic and commercial jobs of all sizes. Commercial premises such as schools, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, letting agents, nurseries, play areas, all sorts of offices, even pubs and clubs get more traffic than any home ever does, so their carpets usually need much more extensive cleaning and/or stain removal.

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