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Nuthall features a 5-mile commute to Nottingham, convenient shopping and a hamlet setting amidst ancient buildings. For modern services with country living and a real Old-English feel, Nuthall is the perfect community.

Over a dozen Grade II historic buildings reside among Nuthall’s ancient trees. Built in the 1750s, Nuthall Temple’s gothic summer house still stands, a remnant of the old manor home. The 13th century St. Johns Church is still intact, with its alabaster effigy of Sir Robert de Cokefield. The area offers safe exploration for all ages including Countless nearby attractions, like Wheelgate Amusement Park, Twycross Zoo, or the lovely Colwick County Park.

Nuthall provides fashionable comfort in its exclusive Mornington Crescent Estate housing. Grounds include restaurants and shops among the classically designed, but modern housing. These amenities plus spacious homes keep Mornington the most desired address in Nottingham.

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