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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets Regularly?

A lot of people think that the only reason you clean your carpets is so that they look nice. They are sadly mistaken; appearance is only a small part of why it is important to clean your carpet. It does not take much imagination to realize that the carpet in your home is one of the dirtiest surfaces, but it goes deeper than the surface.

Carpets collect all sorts of nasty allergens, the fibres of a carpet act like a filter (the biggest filter in your home) collecting dust, pollen, pet hair, pet dander, as well as trapping offensive odors. If you have allergies or even if you don’t all of the compounds that your carpet traps can wreak havoc on your respiratory system.

Further the pad at the bottom of the carpet (that the fibres are attached to) is prime real-estate for bacteria. These microscopic little devils can cause illness, and infections. This is especially dangerous to small children. Their body has not yet built up its defenses, and in a lot of cases they spend an extended amount of time on the carpet in your home.

These are a couple of reasons you should keep your carpet clean. Now let’s take a look at what makes a residential carpet cleaning company good. There are a lot of options on the market if you are looking to have your floors cleaned. Make sure you know what you need though. Try to stay with someone that is reputable. If they show up with a rental unit from the local grocery store you probably don’t want them cleaning your floors.

When finding a company to clean your floors one prudent question to ask is if their machines have HEPA filters? A HEPA filter is a type of air filter that is fine enough to filter out even microscopic contaminants. This is very important. If you are paying someone to clean your floors you want to make sure they are not blowing the particles and contaminants off your floor into the air in your home.

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