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Loughborough – A Quiet Gem in Britain’s East Midlands

If you live in Loughborough, then you probably know the city for one thing above all else; its rich heritage. Like most of the major towns and cities across the east Midlands, Loughborough was an important part of the industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The city has been associated with advancements in loom technology, locomotive manufacturing, automobile production, and there was even a historic bell foundry in the city.

A population of less than 80,000 means that Loughborough is a relatively quiet city. Shopping is served by a single main center, and most of the heavy industrial activities have moved out of town. This means that Loughborough has been able to carve out a new niche, and it has done so with Arts and Heritage.

The city is home to no less than five museums, far more than a city of its size would usually have. The museums focus on everything from natural history, to industry, and there’s even a war memorial. A rich history has been complemented by a high level of education in modern times, and the Loughborough University has been ranked as high as 6th in the UK, by leading authorities.

Close proximity to Leicester means that there are a number of commuters living in Loughborough, so it’s a lively and colorful city. Small cities make for strong communities, and Loughborough is a great place to live for young professionals and growing families.

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