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Environmentally-Friendly Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a necessary component to the health of your home, as well as the health of those that reside within the home. In order to properly sustain your carpet, it is essential to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Ultimately, you should start with making certain that as much dirt as possible is kept outdoors. Next, you will want to ensure that you vacuum your carpets at least three to four times each week. If moisture comes in contact with your carpet, you should eliminate it as quickly as possible. If stains occur, they must be lifted immediately. In addition to these basic steps, it is imperative to deep clean the carpets within your home at least twice a year. In most instances, it is best to allow professional carpet cleaners to handle this task. The following outlines some environmentally-friendly tips that may be used to achieve carpet cleaning success:

  • You should ensure that you steam clean your carpet on a regular basis. The most productive way to do this is to hire carpet cleaners. Not only will they bring a high-powered machine that only utilizes water to penetrate deep into the carpet, but, they will also bring a machine that eliminates moisture from the floor through a drying process. This will prevent the accumulation of mold.
  • Dirt that is accumulated in carpets most often comes in the home because it is tracked in. To eliminate the amount of debris that comes in contact with your carpet, you should utilize doormats and ensure that everyone takes off their shoes when entering your home.
  • To deodorize floors, simply sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and then vacuum up after standing for a while.
  • If you would like to indulge in your own carpet cleaning, utilize carpet shampoos that utilize citrus and are properly marked as “Natural”.
  • Utilize a dehumidifier in the home to eliminate extra moisture throughout the air. In keeping carpets free from moisture, you will successfully eliminate bacteria, mold, and other types of microorganisms from invading your floors.
  • You may combine two parts of basic cornmeal to one part of borax to naturally remove stains during carpet cleaning sessions.
  • For tough stains, combine equal part of vinegar and water for dark-colored carpet cleaning.
  • If you have lightly-colored carpets, you may combine salt and lemon juice to remove stains.
  • For high-traffic carpet cleaning, you may pour club soda directly on the carpet and blot the area it was placed until dry.


As you can see, from the information contained within this guide, there are many environmentally-friendly methods of carpet cleaning. If you are uncomfortable in cleaning your carpets on your own, you may enlist the assistance of professional carpet cleaners. Simply opt for the ones that advertise that they utilize natural techniques, or, those that broadcast that the methods and cleaners that they use are natural and/or safe for the environment. By following these environmentally-friendly tips, you will refresh the appearance of your home and eliminate potentially dangerous substances and organisms that could detrimentally impact your health.

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