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Domestic Carpet Cleaners In Nottingham

Keeping your home clean takes more than just hoovering and dusting the surfaces you can see. Your carpets should be cleaned thoroughly by professionals every year to keep them looking great and smelling fresh. By hiring Brenton carpet cleaners Nottingham, you know you’re hiring one of the best.

Using our services will make a big difference to the appearance of your home, it will also keep any tough stains in check and keep your home free from unpleasant aromas. A fresh, clean carpet is a great way to kick off a spring clean or get your home ready for visitors on that special occasion.

Your Carpet Cleaner Nottingham

Our specialist cleaning equipment allows the cleaning process to take effect deep down into your carpet fibres, releasing hidden dirt and stubborn stains. We can tackle pet stains, ground-in mud and even red wine stains, as well as those grubby patches around doors and furniture.

Carpet Cleaner Nottingham

We’re happy to clean your carpets on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, but we can also clean after a busy party when you’re likely to see dirt and spills that are hard to lift with shop-bought products. Our equipment is tough enough to handle the mess you’ll see after construction or redecorating work, and we can extend our cleaning services to your furniture and mattress too.

Using professionals will reduce any reactions your family or friends may have to allergies. The equipment we use lifts pet hairs effortlessly and is far more effective than a domestic vacuum cleaner. Dry Fusion is ideal to prevent mould and spores from forming in rooms that may have been damp in the past, yet gentle enough to use on wool or rugs.

Carpets cleaned with our Dry Fusion system take only an 30 minutes to dry, so you won’t have to worry about that lingering damp feeling in the room. That makes it really convenient to treat large areas of the house at the same time, as you can usually walk on the carpet within half an hour, and it’s safe for pets and children to use the room without having to wait for the fibres to dry. Almost any surface can be cleaned with our Dry Fusion system.

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