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Derby – Britain’s Industrial Innovator

Derby – Britain’s Industrial Innovator and Leader

England was the site of the largest advancements during the industrial revolution, and there are literally hundreds of cities, towns, and villages throughout the midlands that can claim to have been instrumental to the country’s progress during the 18th Century. If there’s one city in England that can claim to have more influence than any other, it would be Derby.

Although Derby is by world standards, a relatively small city, it punches well above its weight when it comes to economic influence.

Derby was the site of the very first factory in the world; Lombe’s Mill. As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, it would make sense that Derby would be a leader today. Those who call the city home, know that it is.

Today, automotive manufacturing is the heart of Derby. The city is home to Toyota’s operations in the UK, the Derby Carriage and Wagon Works, and of course there is the Rolls Royce Group, Europe’s leading turbojet manufacturer.

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