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Dealing with Problematic Carpet Stains

Hotel carpet cleaning can be a headache. While you do everything you can do to protect you, there will always be the occasional guest that leaves you a nightmarish stain to deal with. But before you lose your patience, take a deep breath, the follow these tips to remove some tricky stains.

Blood Splatter

A bloody nose from a fight, or a nick while shaving can lead to blood in the room. Unfortunately, it is also one of the toughest stains to deal with. If the stains are fairly fresh, dab them with some hydrogen peroxide. This will lift the stain and help to prevent them from setting. If the blood is on pillows or upholstery, use some shaving cream to remove it.


Vomit is another problem. Regardless of whether it is caused by illness or a drunken party, the following will help to clean it up.

First, scrape up as much as you can. Then take a box of corn starch and cover it. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Then vacuum the area until the corn starch is completely vacuumed up. Next, spray the area with some carpet cleaner. Now, take a dry cloth and blot the area. Once you have cleaned up the area you’ll want to freshen it up. Take a tablespoon of white vinegar and mix it into a cup of warm water. Blot it in the area to help remove any underlying scent that might be left behind.

Fecal Matter

Hotel carpet cleaning isn’t always dirt and grime. Unfortunately, people don’t take care of the rooms they stay in.

Begin by picking up any pieces of matter possible with a moist paper towel. It is ideal to use a pinching motion so you don’t mash the matter into the carpet. Take a disposable towel and begin to blot a mixture of white vinegar and water over the area. Do this until you have the bulk of the stain gone.

Once the stain is visibly done, take some warm water and mix it with some white vinegar. Dab the area with this mixture until you have removed any underlying fragrance. It is then important to spray the area with an antibacterial. This will remove any underlying health concerns that may be there.

There is no denying that hotel carpet cleaning can be trying at times. To simplify things, consider calling out a professional to help. These professionals can remove most of the stains you face and leave the carpet noticeably cleaner

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