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Cool Carpet Facts

Lowering Your Allergies with Good Carpet Care

Green Cleaning

In spite of not being a real disease, allergic reactions can cause real havoc in your life. Allergies are sensitivities to certain things that are living in your world. An allergy may be to a plant or a food, or it may simply be to dust and pet dander that builds up in your carpets and rugs over time.

There are a plentiful amounts of trees and flowers here. It’s a good part of what we love most about life in Nottingham. Carpet cleaning can help to keep the allergens that are tracked inside the home from affecting… Continue reading

All about Carpets – Nottingham Carpet Care

Carpets as floor coverings enjoy a very long history. If you think that your carpet is old… think about this. Carpets date all the way back to 4th millennium BC.

Originally carpets were owned only by the very wealthy families. In England, in Ameria and even in Europe, the original floor coverings were owned by royalty. Saudi Arabia is very well known for costly and hand woven carpets. In fact, very costly carpets are still a gift fit for royalty. A gold laced pure wool carpet was among the wedding gifts received by the reigning Sheikh of Saudi Arabia in… Continue reading

Carpet Care-Sparkling Clean Reflects Well on You

A new, plush carpet can make a home–or a business beautiful.Just ask the folks at Whistler Premier, who ensure the quality of every vacation home that they rent by carpet cleaning regularly. You want your hotel or bed and breakfast to look beautiful, comfortable, and cozy. Sinking bare toes into soft clean fibers is a wonderful feeling. Regular vacuuming will keep your carpet looking like new and extend its life. Vacuuming pulls up the tiny particles that get trapped in your carpet and cause unpleasant odors. People who are affected by impaired breathing will benefit from vacuuming several times… Continue reading