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Cool Carpet Facts

Clean Carpet Makes Everything Else Look Better

Your business might be diligent in keeping everything else clean but it the carpet is neglected, clients and customers will notice. Whether we know it or not, this can mean fewer sales of products and services since they don’t seem to look as appealing as they should.

Call your carpet cleaning specialist and get a quote for cleaning the carpet in your business. If it has been a while since the carpet looked new and clean, it may take longer to clean and cost a bit more but will be worth it in the long run. If the carpet is… Continue reading

The Appeal of Antique Carpet

antique carpet

A carpet seller in Jaipur CC BY 2.0
Dainis Matisons from Mezares, Latvia, EU

Antique type carpets help to add a touch of grandeur and glamour to your home or office, speaking well about your taste and your style. Antique carpets are beautiful home furnishings and solid art investments. They aren’t just decorative items, but pieces of tradition, ethnicity, and true class that date back thousands of years.

Antique carpets represent enormous range in motifs and color harmonies and you’ll simply lose yourself seeing the diverse combinations of rich antique colors and heavy intricate weaving.

The diverse range of antique… Continue reading

How to Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Nottingham

Your carpets are an important part of your home that provide not just comfort and practicality, but can add to the overall look and feel of your whole interior. Keeping your carpets in top condition is important to protect your investment, and keep your home feeling like a place where you want to be. Because of this, choosing your carpet cleaners in Nottingham is an important part of your regular home maintenance.

How to Choose the Best Nottingham Carpet Cleaners

You want your carpets to be in the hands of professionals, and because of this there are a few key… Continue reading

Nursery Carpet Care

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your home is both exciting and meticulous. It signals a plethora of cleaning activities to prepare the home, especially the well-designated nursery for the latest addition to the family. You want everything perfect from floor to ceiling. But have you seriously thought about the flooring in the child’s bedroom? Laying the entire area with carpet is a wise decision most parents take because there’s no doubt carpeting is a great choice for the nursery flooring. Not only does it add character to the room, it also makes a soft and safe surface for… Continue reading

Getting Your Home Clean in Short Order

Have you ever thought of giving your carpet the quality cleaning it deserves? Do you know how much dust and pollutants are clogged into your carpets? Regardless of how often you use your vacuum, it is just not enough. In the long run, it will not look the way it used to anymore. Worst, you will be forced to get another one which will cost you again a good amount of money.

So why not consider professional carpet cleaning? It’s about to time to give your carpet the cleaning it deserves.

If you are living around Nottingham, why not try… Continue reading

Upholstery Cleaning Nottingham

Home is where the heart is. Everything in your home serves to make it a beautiful safe haven for you, your family, and your guests. You have chosen your furniture based on your personal preferences, and your family’s needs. It has been carefully placed to make everyone in your home comfortable and content. Well-positioned furniture means well used furniture. If your furniture sees a great deal of use throughout the day, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.

If your family brings food to the seating area of your family room, it’s likely that your furniture has a stain,… Continue reading

Tips From The Domestic Goddess – Cleaning Stains from Carpets, Tip 1

Domestic Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Stains

Keeping domestic carpets looking good starts with keeping them clean and some preventative measures like:
• always have your parties outside so no one can spill anything on your carpet,
• always keep your pets outside so they can’t leave you “presents” or have any “accidents” on your carpets,
• always make everyone take off their shoes before walking on your carpets.

While these preventative measures may work, they aren’t very practical, so preparedness may be a much better option.

Preparation starts with having a good vacuum cleaner, ingredients for several carpet cleaning solutions… Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning Myths to Steer Away From

Carpets have been around since time immemorial and so have carpet cleaning methods. However, new methods of professional carpet cleaning have given rise to a lot of myths related to carpet cleaning which dissuade people from getting and keeping their carpets clean. Nottingham is no different from anywhere else. Industrial carpet cleaning or residential cleaning, there are myths abounding.

A dirty carpet is not just full of dust and grime; it is a breeding spot for germs and diseases. In fact, dirty carpets pollute the air inside your house resulting in a number of ailments that your family might suffer… Continue reading

The Importance of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Maintenance

Even though a lot of carpet maintenance might seem like a lot of extra work, you’ll definitely find that it is worth it when you get several more years out of the carpets in the home. Additionally, proper carpet care will keep your home looking beautiful as long as you live there. It is advisable to ensure the long life of the carpet people should contact the carpet cleaning service San Jose California for the maneuvering life of the carpet in uphold way.

The Health Benefits of Carpet Care

There is no doubt regarding the health benefit that… Continue reading

Most Expensive Carpet Ever!

There’s a new carpet that can claim the fame of being the most costly rug ever sold. On June 5th 2013, a Persian antique carpet sold for almost 34 million –YES, we said, 34 million dollars. The rug was auctioned off at Sotheby’s auction house in NYC. The previous most expensive rug was about one third of that price. Sotheby’s say that the rug has amazing skills and craftsmanship and that it is vines, scrolls and leaves. It was Kerman in nature and belonged to a private collection of rugs.

Now your rug may not be worth millions, but we… Continue reading