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Cool Carpet Facts

Impress Customers with Expertly Cleaned Upholstery

Impressing your customers start right when they step into the reception area of your business. The condition of sofa or settee you put there can say so much about you and your business. Let Brenton Carpet Care help you create a good image for your business.

The ambiance of a clean and wholesome space can do wonders in making your customers feel comfortable despite the wait. The longer the line of waiting customers, the more soiled these pieces of furniture tend to be. While your janitor or cleaning services can remove the dust regularly, there is nothing like having these… Continue reading

Derby Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

Derby Business Owners – Carpet Cleaning is the Smart Choice

Derby is an area that continues to grow and evolve. Considered by many as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, it comes as no surprise you’ll find a Rolls Royce production plant and the Derby Litchurch lane Work here.

It is also home to the very first factory in the world. Lombe’s Mill specializes in silk throwing and has since it was first established in 1704. Since that time it has been rebuilt several times, always growing and expanding, it remains one of the most important pieces of English history.… Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning Service

Finding a qualified carpet cleaning service is one of the most important parts to hosting any social gathering or just preparing for guests during the holidays. Fresh, clean carpets will make your guests feel at home and relaxed, which makes for a more successful party. There are all kinds of stains and odor that collect in the carpet throughout the course of the day, and professionals can use methods to remove these stains and the stress they may cause.

The most common carpet cleaners use a wet process that can leave the carpet damp and uncomfortable to walk on or… Continue reading

Upholstery Cleaning Nottingham

In today’s busy world, keeping track of all the little things that it takes to keep a clean, well-maintained home can be a challenge to say the least. It’s often helpful to create a list of those random jobs that don’t need done often, but do need to be done. Along with cleaning gutters, checking fire alarms, and other chores that need done periodically, one thing that should be on your to do list is a thorough upholstery cleaning. Nottingham, Norwich, or New York, no matter where you live, there are many reasons that having your upholstery cleaned is something… Continue reading

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets Regularly?

A lot of people think that the only reason you clean your carpets is so that they look nice. They are sadly mistaken; appearance is only a small part of why it is important to clean your carpet. It does not take much imagination to realize that the carpet in your home is one of the dirtiest surfaces, but it goes deeper than the surface.

Carpets collect all sorts of nasty allergens, the fibres of a carpet act like a filter (the biggest filter in your home) collecting dust, pollen, pet hair, pet… Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning Eastwood – Brinsley

Carpet Cleaning 101

Are your carpets fading? Are they grungy or worn down? Do not worry; you don’t need to buy all new carpet. The damage to your carpet can be undone with a good cleaning. A lot of people think that cleaning your carpets is unnecessary, and that it is a waste of time.

This could not be further from the truth. Carpeting (especially quality) is very pricey, it can be a major investment in your home.

As with any investment it is imperative that you take good care of it. You should always clean your carpet at least… Continue reading

Cleaning Carpets at Holiday Time

You know what the holidays mean? They mean laughter, fun and family. In most cases, those gatherings are going to take place in your home. That means you want it to look absolutely perfect and you’d like to be sure that it reflects well on you.

The holidays are coming swiftly. In fact, far more swiftly than you might think. The fall is nearly upon us and we all know what that means. Thanksgiving and Christmas are swiftly arriving and with it, our need to have the house clean and  bright. In Nottingham, carpet cleaning is a lot more… Continue reading

Carpet Cleaning Ilkeston – Heanor

The need for professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery is evident, for reasons of health, care of the environment and socially entertaining among friends and relations. One of the best processes to remove grime and dirt from the highest quality carpets and floor coverings is the process we use, called Dry Fusion Cleaning. The advantage this process has over other older types of cleaning carpet is dry fusion is suited for modern carpeting and does not leave wet soggy carpet. Wet carpet cleaning can leave a room off limits for a number of hours until it dries which cuts down the… Continue reading

Mattress Cleaning Service

Getting More Than a Clean Mattress with Brenton

Have you or a family member been suffering from frequent bouts of asthma or other allergies, despite your best efforts to maintain a clean home? Maybe your “clean” isn’t clean enough to remove countless unseen contaminants in your mattress. If you want the unwelcome microscopic intruders – dust mites, molds and mildew, spores, pollen, as well as bacteria, fungi, and viruses – out of your mattress, call in the experts at Brenton Carpet Care.

Just because you don’t see these allergens or you clean and aerate your room doesn’t mean they… Continue reading

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