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About Carpets

Business Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

Find the Special Skills Required for Business Carpet Cleaning in Nottingham 

Business carpet cleaning in Nottingham requires a special type of knowledge and skill. Commercial carpet cleaners have to know how to deep clean the variety of flooring and fabrics found throughout the building. Foot traffic is consistent in several areas, such as hallways and break rooms.  Floors get dirty fast and the situation needs taken care of quickly to prevent a sick building.

What do air conditioners and floors have to do with one another? The cleaner the carpet and tiles are at your business, the less… Continue reading

Office Chairs Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning services are common and sometimes companies will clean furniture or sofas along with the carpet service. Well, why not add office chairs cleaning service to the list of important items needing cleaned on a regular basis by professionals? Think of all the meetings and gatherings at convention halls, boardrooms and other areas in the workplace where people gather. Now consider that the majority of those people sitting in the office chairs have coffee, tea, crumpets or scones. All of these people let crumbs loose to gather in the chairs they are sitting in.

First, who wants to risk… Continue reading

Commercial Carpeting – Keep It Clean

You’ve probably never given much thought to the carpeting in commercial establishments like public buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Not surprising, until that is YOU have to make the decisions about purchasing or maintaining that carpet.

The installation of hospitality carpet is a considerable investment, both in terms of cost and the image you are trying to convey to your customers. An effective maintenance programme will keep the image of your facility where you want it to be as well as extend the life of your monetary investment.

Considerable care needs to be taken when choosing the… Continue reading

How Is Carpet Made

By combining innovation from the 21st century and old world craftsmanship, you get the carpeting we have in our homes today.

Creating a carpet in the past was quite a complicated process, since no one had the computers or other equipment that today do a good deal of the work. The technology used by carpet manufacturers these days, makes the process much less labor-intensive.

Making carpets was very different before they had large mechanical looms. Erastus Bigalow invented the power loom in 1839 and doubled his production of woven carpets in just one year. During the early 1800’s, children were… Continue reading

The Facts about Floors and Carpets

Nottingham Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have a lot of myths surrounding them. We’re told that carpets are cleaner, carpets are dirtier and carpets can house more dust. That is true, but it is no more true than the dirt that can live on a bare floor without the right cleaning. Here are just a few facts about your home care that might make you go .. “ewww”

The Norovirus, the same virus that causes stomach flu can live on your carpet or even a bare floor for more than a month.

The hoover is always in order. Scientists say that more… Continue reading