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Carpet Cleaning Ilkeston – Heanor

The need for professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery is evident, for reasons of health, care of the environment and socially entertaining among friends and relations. One of the best processes to remove grime and dirt from the highest quality carpets and floor coverings is the process we use, called Dry Fusion Cleaning. The advantage this process has over other older types of cleaning carpet is dry fusion is suited for modern carpeting and does not leave wet soggy carpet. Wet carpet cleaning can leave a room off limits for a number of hours until it dries which cuts down the preparation and entertaining time for social events and parties.

The process of dry fusion is suited to residential and commercial areas in Ilkeston and Heanor, where the decades of iron production and processing has left a mark on the populace. Thorough cleaning methods are needed especially when preparing for the celebration of the Charter Faire, which draws thousands of people to the Derbyshire area every year. Our company is family owned and operated and we offer our best to make sure your family has clean, healthy carpets to enjoy for years to come.

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