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Commercial Carpet Cleaners Nottingham

A fresh, odour-free, clean carpet presents a pleasant environment for your staff to work in. Our professional carpet cleaners Nottingham can lift stubborn dirt that your cleaning personnel may not be able to tackle using a vacuum cleaner, prolonging the life of the carpet and giving your premises a fresher, more welcoming appearance.

Carpet Cleaners NottinghamWhether you require carpet cleaning for your office, showroom, reception area, nursing home or shop, we recommend having your carpets cleaned using Dry Fusion on a regular basis to give your clients the best possible impression and keep your premises free from stale smells.

Cleaning the carpets in your office or commercial premises need not be inconvenient. Dry Fusion carpet cleaning does not leave a wet surface behind. Once the carpet cleaning process is complete, the room can be back in use within an hour or two. The result is a fresh, clean carpet, and minimal disruption to your staff and visitors.

Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaners Nottingham

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning systems can be used in wide open spaces as well as smaller areas, such as offices or hallways. Because it’s so convenient, it’s very straightforward and cost-effective to have the carpets throughout your entire building cleaned in one session.

Our cleaning staff are able to treat general carpet soiling as well as problem areas where the carpet has become discoloured or stained. Areas around desks are likely to become grubby from mud and dirt on shoes, and the legs and wheels on office chairs can grind this dirt deep into the carpet fibres. Our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning professionals can assess the staining and discuss the cleaning process in detail before cleaning begins.

Carpets in well-used areas, such as vestibules and customer entry points, can also become discoloured quickly, but our superior carpet cleaning equipment is normally able to lift this dirt and leave the carpets looking great and smelling clean.

Brenton Carpet Care also specialise in providing cleaning services for care homes, play areas, nurseries and other commercial or residential premises when cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance. Our carpet cleaners Nottingham are ideal for landlords who are looking to re-advertise properties which may have been occupied for some time, as it gives the best possible impression to potential tenants. Our systems are suitable for treating stains on carpets, soft furnishings, curtains and upholstery, so there’s no need to dispose of furniture simply because it has become grubby and stained.

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